Suddenly, the world as we know it has changed, shifted would probably be a more accurate way of putting it, since this has all happened so quickly. Like most of us, our days right now go from feeling optimistic and gung-ho one minute to despair and endless questions the next, about what’s going on or what might happen in the months to come. 

Home schooling has certainly never been on my radar but I suddenly find myself mapping out how the coming weeks may look in the shape of a timetable. Whatever it is occupying our thoughts, conversations with friends, family and colleagues, or causing us to lie awake, it’s easy to become consumed with it all. But while it feels like much of our lives has come to a stand still, life inevitably continues. The changing of seasons is happening around us and our families continue to grow and evolve before our eyes. 

Photographer or not, as a parent I take lots of photos of my littles, whether that be using my ‘big camera’ or my phone, but admittedly this is something that has decreased even in our household of late. But one thing is for sure, our kids will keep growing, entering new phases, developing new likes and learning new things so I am vowing to pick up my camera during these times and to continue capturing. Instead of looking back on this season for the hardships, pick up whatever you might have to take a picture with and make this a time to look back on for the milestones that continued to happen. 

Stay safe everyone, listen to the advice and above all, be kind.

With love


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