Branding or personal branding are terms banded around frequently these days but what do they even mean? At face value, many people’s perception of branding is pretty simple; a desirable set of brand colours, a badass logo and maybe a quirky tagline which is why the very notion of having to create something so much more in depth than this seems daunting and mythical to so many business owners and entrepreneurs. 


Don’t get me wrong, the basic brand aesthetics are important but they don’t tell your whole story. What do you want people to say about you or your business? How do you want your audience to view you or your business? Why should clients invest in you or your business? Thinking about the answers to these questions is a great start, delivering that as a message that tells your story and attracts your audience is that elusive goal we’re all striving for, so how is it achievable? 

We can consistently talk about who we are, what our values are and what we believe in but your audience needs to be drawn in to begin with. So, what’s the first thing your audience wants to see when they visit your profile over millions of others? In order to create staying power, whether that’s engagement, likes, follows, traffic to your website or ultimately custom, credibility, consistency and identity are key. It doesn’t matter how witty, funny and engaging your captions are, if your images don’t catch the eye your audience will keep scrolling and not even get to reading that caption you spent so much time perfecting. 

Personal branding photography supports you visually in attracting and engaging your audience but it goes beyond the singular headshot, much further beyond. Personal Branding photography can be for you, your team, your products, behind the scenes, events and much more. High quality images enable you to create a killer appearance and make it much easier for you to feel the confidence you desire when you tell your story.

Your company images need to be good, and they need to be right.”

Before the camera even makes an appearance your photographer should be making it their job to get to know you, your business AND your story. The result? a bank of professional images that elevate your business, are true to your brand but most importantly to you. 

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"Let me start by stating that personal branding isn’t just for someone who owns a business. Personal branding is also essential for any influencer, business coach, or person who wants to share their story with the world.”

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